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Once and Future Jobs, Well Done!

Saturday, December 18, 2021 12:25 PM | Scott Newsom

I sit here in the pre-Christmas quiet, tired and sore, but very satisfied after a successful trip to Love Creek where we continued work on the stewardship trail.  During the pandemic with our reduced schedule, I sorely missed the sense of accomplishment, the friendships, the fireside chats and laughter that are the best parts of a Trail Tamer project. It feels so good to get going again. In 2021, we saw successful trips to the Buffalo Trails Boy Scout Ranch, Kickapoo Caverns, Guadalupe Mountains National Park,  The Chihuahuan Dessert Research Institute, Love Creek Nature Preserve, and McKinney Falls State Park in addition to providing training on trail building to the Central Texas Master Naturalists. All things considered, that is a successful 2021 and we can all feel good about the continued contributions of our organization. I hope even more of you can join us during the New Year!

2022 is shaping up to be another great year of Trail Taming. We are kicking things off in January with a return to Candlelight Ranch. This ranch provides outdoor experiences for disabled kids and we have supported them since the Trail Tamers were founded. Another trip that has been finalized and is on the schedule is a pre-spring break return to the Chihuahuan Dessert Research Center in Fort Davis. Additional trips to the Boy Scout Camp and Guadalupe Mountains  are expected once we work out a few details. We have also been invited to work on trails in the Gila Wilderness this summer with an equestrian organizing providing support in the backcountry. We will have a slate of local projects coming up as well with more work expected in the local State Parks as well as a return later in the year to some of our favorite spots in the Fort Davis area. You can always find upcoming projects at the Events page. 

 I'm looking forward to seeing you all out on the trails. Please consider joining a project and bring a friend!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to All



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